Should I Ask for A Positive Review?

Some people may disagree but my short answer is no. 

From a shop owner’s perspective, I see this as being too aggressive. When I think about this from a buyer’s perspective, I feel like it is begging. 

The truth is a majority of shoppers buy without leaving a review. In my shop on Etsy only about 1/3rd of my customers have reviewed a product. Something that a lot of new shop owners are not aware of is that Etsy will automatically keep emailing buyers to leave a review until they do so or until 100 days pass. I have read before that some buyers find these reminders very annoying. So why add to the problem?

Instead of asking for reviews, one thing that I do is let buyers know they can tag me on social media. Not only does this help get more eyes on my products but it also helps with my shop’s marketing.

In my experience and what I truly believe is that if someone really loves your product they will let you know without even asking.