Finding Your Target Demographic

It’s important to know not only your product but also your potential customers. When I first started my shop I had a lot of trouble figuring out my target audience. Because in today’s world having at least one social media platform is a must for Etsy shop owners, I started my shop’s Instagram account (@midnightcatshop). I had no data on my target demographic so I used Instagram’s search bar to find my audience.

Here’s my question that will help you start researching: what hashtags do you think someone would use to describe your product? For me, I fell down a rabbit hole that eventually led me to the hashtag “cottagecore”, which perfectly described the products I was selling at the time.

When you find the right hashtags start looking at who’s posting. This does not mean stalk people but look at the popular content creators. Look at the top posts. What age does the median tend to be? What jobs or hobbies do they have? Do they look like working professionals? Are they avid concert goers?

Taking the time to do a little research will help you plan for your next big social media post. And hopefully that will lead more customers to your shop.